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Roland Barthes – 100 (Minsk – Vilnius)

May - October, 2015


2015 is a world-wide celebration of the 100th anniversary of famous French theorist Roland Barthes. His ideas are considered of primary importance for a wide range of academic disciplines including (but not limited to) semiotics, philosophy, literary and visual studies, film theory, and linguistics in Western Europe and Americas as well as in Eastern Europe, that is why this anniversary is widely celebrated in the form of academic events and art-projects.


Laboratory for Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (EHU) in cooperation with several partners – French Embassy in Belarus, French Institute in Lithuania, art-space “TSECH” (Minsk), Center of Semiotics and Literary Theory, and Vilnius University also contributed to this course and organized several events in Minsk and Vilnius. It is important to note that the works by Roland Barthes are widely incorporated into the curriculum and theses preparation at the Department of Media (EHU) that makes Barthes a beloved Author of EHU academic community.


The current project aimed at uniting professors and students around this important figure, and at the same time to revive the francophone EHU community and collaboration with French diplomatic missions in Minsk and Vilnius.


As a result, a series of events was organized:

  • May 29, 2015 – a one-day seminar “Contemporary Readings and Reception of Roland Barthes’ ideas in Eastern Europe”, Minsk (with participation of professors and alumni from EHU, Belarusian State University, and Russian State Humanities University (Moscow), incl. Sergei Zenkin.

  • May 29 – June 14, 2015 - art exhibition “Roland Barthes: Keywords” (art-space TSECH, Minsk), where the multimedia art projects of BA 4th year students (majoring in Visual Culture and Creative Industries ) were exhibited. All the projects were supervised by Andrei Gornykh as part of "Science-fiction movies and practicum on creating educational resources" course.

  • October 22 – 24 - an international conference "Roland Barthes' Time" (Vilnius, Lithuania) organized and supported by EHU, French Cultural Institute (Vilnius) and Greimas Centre of Semiotics and Literary Theory at Vilnius University.

  • October 31 - "Roland Barthes: Text and Life" - a lecture by philosopher and writer Marie Gil (France) organized in conjunction with the Embassy of France in Belarus, The lecture was conducted at Gallery Y.

Roland Barthes' Time

October 22 –  24, 2015. Vilnius, Lithuania

International conference organized and supported by European Humanities University, French Cultural Institute (Vilnius) and Greimas Centre of Semiotics and Literary Theory at Vilnius University. Guest speakers: Alain Fleischer (France),  Eric Landowski (France), Sergei Zenkin (Russia), Dominique Païni (France), Mikhail Ryklin (Germany) and others.

Download abstracts.

Roland Barthes: Key Words

May 29 – June 13, 2015. Art Gallery “Tsekh”, Minsk


Center of Visual and Cultural Studies at European Humanities University supported by The Embassy of France in Belarus organized an international conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of French researcher, writer, theorist of film and photography Roland Barthes. A unique part of this conference became exhibition “Roland Barthes: Key Words”. Exposition was composed of EHU students' projects.

Organizer - Almira Ousmanova (EHU, Vilnius). 

Coordinator: Natallia Nenarokomova



Organizers - Almira Ousmanova (EHU, Vilnius), Jurgita Katkuvienė (VU, Vilnius).
Coordinator: Natallia Nenarokomova


Sergey Zenkin
Third Meaning
Sergey Zenkin
Alain Fleischer; Dominique Païni
Dominique Païni
Dominique Païni
Marie Gil
Marie Gil
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