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ARTES LIBERALES is an art and education project held in Minsk, Belarus once a year since 2012.

ARTES LIBERALES is an art and educational project held in Minsk, Belarus, once a year since 2012.


ARTES LIBERALES is an artistic and educational experiment aimed at understanding the significance of humanitarian education and the necessity to study liberal arts in contemporary society.


ARTES LIBERALES – is a festival of ideas and art projects created by young people studying liberal arts and attempting at offering their own view of the world around us and the ways to interpret it through art and different media forms.


ARTES LIBERALES – is a series of public and interactive lectures, workshops, discussions, and round-tables led by the best theorists from Belarus and other European countries. This multidisciplinary program encompasses not only Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts, but also aims to promote their dialogue with Natural Sciences and Computer Sciences & Technologies.


Academic events integrated into the project have an interdisciplinary character and encompass a broad humanitarian realm (theory and history of visual arts, gender studies, philosophy, social sciences, urban studies, cultural heritage and museum studies, media theory and other fields of inquiry).


Project director – Almira Ousmanova

Audio- visual support - Pavel Niakhayeu, Volha Salakheyeva, 

Coordinators – Kiryl Kalbasnikau, Natallia Nenarokamava

Project Summary

Project friends and participants:

Edit Andras (Hungary), Galina Orlova (Russia), Alla Zagaykevych (Ukraine), Andrei Vozyanov (Russia), Moira O’Keeffe (USA), Benjamin Cope (UK/Poland), Lena Prents (Germany/Belarus), Miljana Istijanovic (Montenegro), Marta Popivoda (Serbia/Macedonia), Agnieszka Wiszniewska (Poland), Arturas Bukauskas (Lithuania), Kestas Kirtiklis (Lithuania), Vytautas Michalkevicius (Lithuania), Irina Kodiukova, Andrei Liankevich, Taciana Schytsova, Andrei Gornych, Volha Hapeyeva, Dzmitry Ladzes, Natalia Nenarokomova, Monogroup community, Aksana Haiko, Aliaksey Barysionak, Aleksei Shinkarenko, Vadim Shmygov, Andrei Savitski, Nagual band, Kanstantsin Yaskou, Ales Tsurko, Aliaksei Usinovich, Mikalai Harbachou, Uladzislau Ivanou, Olga Sasunkevich, Olga Petrukovich, Tania Setsko, Hanna Shadryna, Viktoria Kanstantsiuk, Halina Rusetskaya, Andrei Sciapanau, Maksim Zhuk and others.



European Humanities University (Vilnius), Y Gallery, Zair Azgur Museum, CECH Art-Space, Center of Photography, Foundamental Network, Performative practices platform ‘zErnie’, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Republic of Belarus, Centre franco-biélorusse.

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