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This series of lectures cover a wide range of questions and problems that form a contemporary agenda of visual and cultural studies. The first unit of lectures gives a unique oppotunity to virtually attend the International conference "Roland Barthes' Time" held in Vilnius in November, 2015. The second block features the lectures of guest speakers that were invited to participate in HESP seminars on visual and cultural studies through 2004-2012 including such renowned theoretics as Laura Mulvey, Scott Lash, James Elkins, Lev Manovich, Janet Wolff and others. On the whole, these videolectures provide a unique opportunity to learn about key concepts of visual studies from the best - here and now.

International conference

"Roland Barthes' Time"

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015

Roland Barthes et la Photographie. La Révélation des Images.

Alain Fleischer, Vilnius, 2015 (fr/lt)


Reading Film as Text: the Methodology of Textual Analysis in Film Theory

Almira Ousmanova (European Humanities University, LT). Public lecture. Vilnius, 2015 (eng)


Les Contrariétés Cinématographiques de Roland Barthes

Dominique Païni, Public lecture. Vilnius, 2015 (fr/lt)


With Barthes and Greimas, from Coded Signs to Open Meaning

Eric Landowski, Public lecture. Vilnius, 2015 (eng)


«Certified Copy»,Or the Death of the Author in Contemporary Cinema

Helena Koutchoura, Public lecture. Vilnius, 2015 (fr)


Historical Trauma, Distance, Affect: Contemporary Russian Photography and Roland Barthes

Viktoria Musvik. Public lecture. Vilnius, 2015 (eng)

The Image and the Imaginary

Sergei Zenkin. Public lecture. Vilnius, 2015 (eng)

Roland Barthes


HESP Series

Vilnius, Lithuania. 2004-2012

Virtual Studio as a Classroom

Interactive lecture of A.Gornykh and the MA students, recorded in Virtual TV studio at EHU MediaHub. Vilnius, 2012 


Capitalist Power and the Social Imaginary

Scott Lash (Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK). Public lecture. Vilnius, 2010


Studying the Visual World

James Elkins (School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA. Workshop, Vilnius, 2010


Cultural Analytics

Lev Manovich (Visual Arts Department, University of California, USA). Master-class. Vilnius, 2010 


Visualization as The New Language of Theory

Lev Manovich (Visual Arts Department, University of California, USA). Public lecture. Vilnius, 2010 


Critical Urbanism: Cultural Theory as Practice

Scott Lash. Seminar. Vilnius, 2010 


Problems in the Communication of Art and Science

James Elkins. Seminar. Vilnius, 2010 


The Question of a Sociological Poetics: Metaphors, Models and Theory

Janet Wolff (University of Manchester, UK). Public lecture. Vilnius, 2010 


The Theoretical Basis of Film Studies

Laura Mulvey (Birbeck College, UK). Workshop. Vilnius, 2006


Conceptual Transaction from Visual and Other Pleasures to Death 24x A Seconds

Laura Mulvey (Birbeck College, UK). Workshop. Vilnius, 2006


Seeing the Past from the Present: Re-thinking Feminist Avant-garde Theory and Practice in the 1970s.’

Laura Mulvey (Birbeck College, UK). Lecture. Vilnius, 2006


Constructing Cultural Identity

Thomas Elsaesser (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands). Seminar. Vilnius, 2005


The Subjects of Visual Studies

Keith Moxey (Columbia University), Mark Poster (Berkely University), Stephen Melville (Ohio State University), HESP participants. Round-table discussion. Vilnius, 2004

HESP Series

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