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From the Knowledge of Media to the Medialization of Knowledge

From 2014 till 2015, Vilnius


Digital culture and visual media have profoundly affected research practices and learning environment in the Universities. The global processes of medialization have not bypassed the educational practices: on the contrary, the universities and media have been so close to each other as they are nowadays.  


Visual Studies of Immedia: Exploring the postmodern immediacy of mass media

from 2007 till 2010, Vilnius


The project aimed at elaboratiing a model for the renewal of curricula and teaching methods in university programs on visual media, journalism and Communication Studies in post-Soviet countries. Visual and Cultural Studies as an interdisciplinary paradigm for studying visual images and their relation to social realities became a conceptual ground for the reflexive application of new methods of teaching and for the development of innovative didactic tools in this area.


Rethinking Visual and Cultural Studies: new subjects, methods, and teaching strategies

From 2003 till 2006, Vilnius


The seminar aimed at the collaborative analysis of how contemporary media (cinema, TV, Internet) re-configure the correlation of form and content of a message (formats of communicative mediation as an “immediate” content), the narrative and the visual, the global and the local, private and public experience of individuals in a new space of global communications. 

 Directors – Almira Ousmanova
and Andrei Gornykh, EHU

HESP Autumn School, 2008

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