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Public discussions are traditionally organized in urban locations that are open to a broad public (exhibitions, cafes, etc.) and easily accessed, and thus can be a space where academics go out of the «Ivory tower» and meet those who may have never belonged to scientific circles but are interested in actual state of knowledge in particular field of inquiry.

  • 1999: “Experimental art of the 1990s: Media Art” (May 1999, with participation of John Rubin (USA) and Nina Czegledy (Canada).

  • 2012: Discussion “The Art of Post-Periphery and Visual Studies: Transnational Practices and Trajectories” (Sven Spieker, ARTMargins Magazine (USA), Almira Ousmanova, moderated by Olga Shparaha (European cafe, Minsk).

  • 2013: Round table “Digital Challenge: The Future of Humanities” (a part of Artes Liberales project).

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