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Since 2003 Laboratory has been participating in the network of regional seminars of the Open Society Institute (Budapest) to improve the quality of teaching within the framework of the long-term Program of support of higher education (HESP). The Winter and Summer Schools on cultural and visual studies were organized as part of HESP project, and allowed its participants not only create a shared space of knowledge production but also to invite as guest-speakers world-renowned researchers and practitioners.

  • 2000: Winter School on Cultural Studies.

  • 2004: Visual and Cultural Studies: Concepts and Methodologies (HESP Winter session, EHU, Minsk).

  • 2004: Cultural and Visual Studies Reconsidered (HESP Summer session, EHU, Minsk).

  • 2005: The Modernist Image: Techniques of Analysis and Theoretical Approaches (HESP Winter session, EHU, Minsk).

  • 2005: Writing History with Visual Media (HESP Summer session, EHU, Vilnius).

  • 2006: Teaching Visual Culture in the World Full of Images (HESP Winter session).

  • 2006: Critical Readings of Popular Culture: Ideology and/or Entertainment? (HESP Summer session, Vilnius - Klaipeda).

  • 2007: Media Theory and/of Visual Culture (HESP Summer session). 2008: Media Competence in the Digital Age (HESP Winter session).

  • 2008: Television Studies in Global and Local Contexts.

  • 2009: Inter-Net-Academia: the Impact of Internet and Multimedia Technologies on the Knowledge Production and Teaching Practices (HESP session)

  • 2010: Discipline and Method: on the Theoretical Identity of Visual Studies (joint HESP-ReSET session, Vilnius).

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