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The Role of Curator in a Digital World

Talk by Antonina Stebur

8th of November, 16.20

EHU campus (Valakupiu g. 5, room 112)

Google's CTO, Ray Kurzweil, made a futuristic prediction until 2045. According to Kurzweil, by 2022 the US and Europe will adopt the laws that will regulate the relationship between people and robots. No matter how valid Kurzweil's prediction may be, it is important that it reflects that our ideas about the future are inevitably linked to the development of digital and Internet technologies.

The lecture will focus on the phenomenon of the curator in a Digital Age. It is obvious that the figure of the curator has been changing with the development of technology. Michael Bhaskar in his book ‘Curation: the Power of Selection in a World of Excess’ believes that modern technologies stimulate the excess of information and actualization of the problem of choice. It makes curator the central figure not only in art but also in many other spheres of life. He argues that the curation answers the question of how we should live in the era where the main difficulty is the excess of everything. On the other hand, many researchers note that anyone can be a curator in the age of the Internet.

Antonina Stebur is a curator and art manager, member of the team "Month of Photography", Minsk, Belarus. In 2009 graduated from the Master's program in Modern Visual and Cultural Studies of EHU (Media and Communication). Stebur worked with Ruslan Vashkevich, Sergei Shabohin, Sergei Hudzilin, Andrei Lenkevich, Olya Sosnovskaya and other artists. In 2016, she curated the exhibition of Sergei Hudzilin #kandensat, in 2017, she and Anna Karpenko co-curated the art project "Names". Currently she is working with art group Where Dogs Run.

Image: Where Dogs Run. Installation 'Faces of Smell', 2012.


The lecture is held as part of the Laboratory for Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art seminar series 'Art and Curatorial Practice in a Digital Age'.

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