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The Tiger's Jump: Theatre Without a Performer?

Talk by Tania Arcimovich

8th of December, 18.00

EHU campus (Valakupiu g. 5, room 112)

The performing arts world today includes various practices based on digital technologies that perform different functions in theatre performances. Digital technologies stage design is the most common and well known, when these new media are appropriated by the traditional theatrical paradigm. In contrast, there are some another examples when digital technologies are incorporated into the nature of a performance. Thus, they create new topics and protagonists as well as new genres — performative walking, multimedia installations, net-theatre, cyberformance, etc.

Using of the examples of West and Belarusian artists performances (Jay Scheib, Rimini Protocol, Kryly Khalopa and etc.), I argue the key transformations as a result of the incorporation of digital technologies into the theatre, describe some new genres, and analyse these transformations in the context of their political meaning, when the space of art is represented as a field of struggle for power and capital.

Tania Arcimovich is a theatre director, art critic, curator. She is an author of tens articles about contemporary theatre and art. Her theatre works: Fro based on A. Platonov (St-Petersburg, 2009), Five Women Portraits based on G. Markes (St-Petersburg, 2009), A Café Owner by P. Priazhko (Minsk, 2012), Belarus 4’33 a suncity of dream point zero (together with A. Sarokin, Minsk 2015)

Photo: When We Meet Again, Me and Machine theatre. RMNSC 2013


The lecture is held as part of the Laboratory for Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art seminar series 'Art and Curatorial Practice in a Digital Age'.

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