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Film! Film! Film!

FFF! is a common space for the film community where everyone can join in exploring film theory and analysis and share their articles & films on the platform.

The project aims to unite students who are into cinematography and give voice to them. At the same time Film! Film! Film! acts as an educational source and provides lots of theoretical information and articles on different topics.


2 years ago EHU student Caroline Rynkevich decided to create an interactive platform for cinemalovers and those who want to find like-minded people in the University community.

Now FFF! team consists of 8 enthusiasts who create various content for our social media and work on finding new formats and headings.


We choose to communicate with the audience via several social media which are Instagram, Telegram and Facebook. There you can find all our posts and get acquainted with the headings we are working with. For instance, main topics for now are:

- Director of the week/Cameraman of the week

- Female Stereotypical Characters in Cinema

- Cinema Dictionary

- FFF! News and announcements

- And many other

All the longrids and articles on cinema theory are posted on FFF! Website.

A year ago we decided to create a Community of authors to give an opportunity for more people to talk and write their reviews. Therefore the vast majority of our texts are written by its members.

The project often initiates film screenings and sessions where everyone can share their opinion on selected topics and listen to the others.


FFF! aims to awaken interest in cinema and production via the articles, longrids, and, of course, film sessions during which we discuss different social problems and invite interesting speakers.

We support Feminist and LGBTQ+ Agendas and try to raise such questions in our posts and articles, because we cosider it’s important to spread this information in media.

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